Day 49 Cross of Lorraine

Day 48 Titan Clydebank

Day 47 Nature Trail

Day 46 Pidgin

Day 45 view from lyle park

Day 44 Wemyss Bay Station

Day 43 Rainbow

phone shot this time rainbow in rain

Day 42 Central heating vet

Tried to get steam come out central heating vet think need faster shutter speed and little colder.

Day 41 Depth of Field

Little about Depth for field

If I was set f3 it be shadow depth of field to be good if don’t want a large area in focal like a portrait for example.

If was shoot at f7.1 you will have a larger depth of field.

if I was shooting at f14 you will have an even larger depth of field.

If I close off to f22 I have an even larger depth of field why not just shoot at f22 well it close more narrow aperture so less light going through a lens so if I was shooting a landscape I properly use f14 for faster shutter speed or exposure.

Day 40 Rainbow Lyle Hill